October 3, 2008

For the LOVE of PETE!

Alright, I have a chip on my shoulder right now.

The rules about asking a women if they are pregnant are as follows:

MEN-I'm sure you all know this but I must re-iterate; it is never okay to assume that a woman is pregnant! It is also never okay to ask a woman if they are pregnant! I'm sure if you are male, you already know this.

WOMEN-It is also not okay for women to assume that another female is pregnant!!! It is also never okay for another woman to ask if someone is pregnant based on their first appearance of a woman!!!

It seems to me that most men have had it beaten into their head about how UN-politically correct it is to assume a female is pregnant. Females, on the other hand, most of us KNOW BETTER!!! But there are a select bunch of females (about 10 percent of the female population) who assume that because they have a uterus, they can make these assumptions. (if you can't tell by my tone of writing, I'm just a LITTLE peeved!!!).

Today, a patient ASSUMED, I was pregnant by first impressions based upon my appearance.

'oh, Julie, it's only one person. Don't let it bother you ... water under the bridge.' you might say to me to comfort my hurt feelings. BUT NO!!! This is not the first time, in fact, this is at least the 4th time someone has said that to me!!! FOR THE LOVE OF PETE PEOPLE!!! This is truthfully, the most horrible thing you can say to someone who is NOT pregnant!!! To make matters worse, once you've opened your mouth and said something, there's absolutely NOTHING you can say to cover your ass after you've said it ... nothing to make it better because instead of being a glowing pregnant woman, now you're just a greasy pott-bellied woman. AWESOME!! (insert here a picture of me giving you two thumbs up).

I've tried to shake this off in the past and tell myself, 'it's no big deal ... whatever ... who cares." BUT 4 TIMES!!! And it's all happened a YEAR after I've had a child. AAARGH!!!

So ... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ... for the LOVE of PETE, both men and women, do not assume anything about a woman's reproductive life and refer to the rules above if you're confused.

On that note, I'm going to go for a run with my pott-belly flappin' in the wind!

Have a fabulous day and if your day is not going well, just be thankful that nobody thought you were pregnant today.

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  1. Oh hun, don't let some closeminded, ignorant person ruin your day!! You get to chose what you do with their comment and I think you did the right thing with it. You used it in a positive way to get yourself motivated for a run. I hope the run helped you to see it doesn't matter what that person said, what only matters is how you feel about yourself!! I love you for your honesty in this blog and I find it forcing me to face life issues I have swept under the rug for the past year as well. Love ya!!!