October 14, 2008

Put on your Big Girl Pants

Today was a challenge to say the least. It was not a battle of physical achievement but more like a tug-of-war between my body and mind. I'm sure all you my fellow readers have had moments like these.

It started off by my mind throwing a fit in my head. I did NOT want to run today.
"NO NO NO, I won't do it! It's too cold, I don't have the right work out clothes, I can't find the right sports bra, if I work out now I'm going to have to shower later ... I just don't want to, not today, maybe tomorrow." The list went on and on in my head. (Sound familiar? I'm pretty sure this is Stage 2!!! Gasp!!! What a horrible regression this would be!)

Mentally kicking and screaming, my legs drug me up the stairs. I mentally took off my toddler pants and put on my BIG GIRL pants, physically put on my sweaty sports bra, grabbed the Ipod and walked out the door. Ugh! I was still mentally not ready to do this today. But, my legs started walking. They walked to the end of the driveway where a decision had to be made. Left (the three mile route), or right (the two mile route). Of course my mind is saying "go right!!!"

My legs took me left. My mind is moaning and saying, "I can't BELIEVE we went left. What were you thinking?" But, my legs kept on running.

Finally we came to another cross in the road. This time I could go left (and run through the woods which is flat and shorter) or I could go straight (and run the last mile UPHILL!) Of course, "take a left!!!" my mind was telling me but ...

My legs too me straight. "Good greif, who's making the decision here? I give up!" My mind finally gave into my legs and for the rest of the run ALL UPHILL, I didn't hear a peep from my mind and my legs carried me all the way home.

But, I will say, once we were home, I thought to myself, "Thank God we're home. While it was no fun at the time, I'm glad I went." Kind of ironic, I know.

Moral of the story, if you're having trouble getting out of the house to work out, PUT YOUR BIG GIRL PANTS ON AND JUST DO IT! You'll thank yourself when your done.

FAVORITE SONG OF THE RUN: Flogging Molly, Within a Mile of Home
This song came on while I was running that last mile uphill.


  1. I was totally there with you yesterday. Got up super early to take a friend to the airport and brought my gym bag with me thinking: I'll stop on the way home and get it out of the way. I was way too tired and just went home. Not wanting to give in, I brought my bag with me again when Chris and I had to make a trip to Cosco- forced myself to let him drop be off on his way home. I though- oh, today I'll just run 2 miles. At two, I was feeling good and said- ok, 2.5. I kept pushing myself and did a total of 4.3 miles!! And at a faster pase than I usually do. woohoo! I was very happy I went too. Funny how that works huh?

  2. wow, I just re-read that and noticed quite a few typos. Sorry about that.. *me not be, *thought not though, *pace not pase. ayaiyai.

  3. I'm convinced the hardest part of a workout is deciding to do it. You're a lot tougher than you may think so don't give yourself an out. Good on ya lasagna.