February 2, 2010

A List of Pregnancy Updates

Since I've been pregnant, I can't remember a dang thing so I've taken to making lists. So here's a list of things that have happened, things I've experienced and just other items I may have forgotten to tell you earlier.

1. With the mid-wife I've been seeing, I've also been looking into my options of having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cecearean). It's a scary thought but these days, anythings possible. I haven't decided officially on what I'm going to do but it's an options still. All this thinking has made me realize how terrifying, horrifying, scary and unnatural my first birth was. I'm dealing with a lot of anger and frustration with having a c-section the first time that I DON'T want to deal with again. On a lighter note, I got to hear the heartbeat while I met with her for the first time ... there's definitely a baby in there, 150 bpm. :)

2. If you remember, when I started writing this blog, one of the things I was going to update you was on my weight. Recently I haven't done that because I've been at a stand still with my weight at about 155. But, since I've been pregnant I've lost about 10 more pounds. Ugh! I'm kind of embarassed to say it because of the way I've lost it. I haven't been working out because I'm sick. I'm not eating and I throw up almost daily. I'm not recommending this type of weight loss but, I haven't weighed 145 since I graduated from UMD. Hopefully once I stop puking and can start having an appetite again I'll be able to maintain a health pregnancy weight.

3. Speaking of puking ... I'm not a pukey type of person. Some people barf at the thought of giving a public speech, I have never had that problem and I will suppress the feeling as LONG as possible. So, this puking thing is really annoying. The first time I puked I was taking Abby to daycare and we pulled up to Susie's house and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I didn't even throw the car in park, I just had my foot on the breaks, I opened the car door with my seatbelt still fastened and puked on the road. Luckily it was a side road with barely any traffic. I've started carrying a glass jar in the car with me just incase this happens again.

4. Speaking of nausea ... the only thing I've found to keep the nausea at bay is Apple Juice. It's like the miracle juice. I will literally take a swig, and it gets rid of my nausea immediately. Unfortunately it only lasts 3-5 minutes before I have to take another swig.

5. When you're pregnant, you do weird things. Here's a wierd thing I've done ... Maybe you've done this too ... but I am constantly COLD. I just can't get warm enough especially in the shower. Recently when I take a shower I've cranked the hot water up, sat in the bottom of the tup and let the water fill up in the tub. I know, I know, it's wierd but it feels incredibly comforting to be so warm. It's the next best thing to a hot tub. :)

6. Abby is really excited to be a big sister these days. She's convinced it's going to be a girl ... I hope I don't disappoint her. :) I know she's going to be a great big sister, there's a few babies at daycare and she just adores them. She's always giving them toys and explaining things to them and helping them work the toys. It's going to be amazing to see her interact with her own brother or sister.

7. Lastly, my husband has been such a trooper through this whole pregnancy. He's always doing little things to make me feel better. He'll do the dishes, take out the garbage, make me and Abby dinner (attempt to make something that might please my tummy, these days that's a REALLY difficult task). He's so great, every day he does things for me that remind me why he's the perfecxt husband. I love you My Jay