September 30, 2008


So, it has been a few days since I've run, approximately 3 days unfortunately so I knew I had to do something today. But, it seems I have gotten sick. A few days ago I started getting dizzy intermittently but didn't think much of it. Yesterday every time I bent over, my head started throbbing and today I feel like CRAP. So, I've diagnosed myself with sinusitis (Latin for swelling of the sinuses.)

So, although I've been sick, it's been weighing on me that if I don't continue to run, I'll lose my endurance so I had to do something today. It wasn't much but, medicated and feverish, I grabbed the dog and for 10 minutes, every step I took my head pounded down the trail. That's about all I could take ... how pathetic!

Well, I'm going to put myself back into the supine position (laying on my back) and watch some more Matlock, Nash Bridges and pop some more vitamin C and Pseudafed. Ugh ... I guess I'll have to chalk this day up to a loss. Ya can't win them all.

September 29, 2008


So, typically before or during my run I need to motivate myself to either start or finish my run. Motivation is the only way I can get myself out there to continue doing what I'm doing and so I constantly remind myself of the reason's that I run. I thought I'd share them with you and if you have other's I'd love to hear them so that I can think about them while I'm running.

My motivations include, but are not limited to ...
1. Health-my health history includes heart disease and high cholesterol and I want to avoid these at all costs!
2. Physical fitness-everyone likes to look good and exercising allows your brain to perceive yourself as more physically attractive. Not to mention, it's nice when others think you're physically attractive. I also still have a baby bump and it's one of my goals to get rid of it completely.
3. Abby-I want to be able to romp around with Abby when she gets older, I also want to be that cool mom that still kicks ass on the soccer and lacrosse field.
4. Although it usually sucks while you're doing it, I ALWAYS feel better after I'm done.
5. My back pain goes away if I consistently run.
6. Practice what you preach-I need to be a good example for my future patients, having an overweight doctor tell an overweight patient they need to exercise would be an oxymoron.

That's all for now. Add comments if you have other motivators, I'd love to hear them.

September 26, 2008

In the Beginning ...

So, I thought I'd start from the beginning ...

In the beginning God made man ... and then God made woman and it was the woman's responsibility to have children. Unfortunately, these days, having a baby isn't as easy as it used to be. Due to the abundances of food we eat, the lack of activity our daily jobs entail and the everyday stress in our lives, it's not easy to have a child naturally these days. Thus, I had a C-section that put me out of commission for a LONG time. They say it takes about 6 months to recover from a natural birth and about a year to recover from a C-section because it's major surgery, and believe it or not, the professionals were absolutely right! It wasn't until 2 months ago that I actually felt like I could start getting back in shape.

I started working out a few months and I could honestly only run about the distance of a football field and back. Pretty pathetic for a high school and college athlete. I was so upset with myself for "letting myself go" but I realized this was not something to be upset about but a changing point in my life when I decided that who I saw in the mirror was not who I pictured in my head. So, over the past two months I have trained enough to been able to run non-stop 2 miles. I also run a 3 mile course but I had never completed it UNTIL TODAY!!!

Today, I set out a goal for myself that I was going complete a full 3 mile loop. I've tried before and my mind has always gotten the best of me. Before when I've set out to run, my mind tells me, 'just do what you can and anything beyond that is good enough.' This has always set me up for failure because I was complacent with just doing 'good enough.' Today, I told the "id" part of my brain to SHUT UP for once and let me do what I've set out to do because today I WILL finish and if I don't, it's NOT good enough for me. SUCCESS!

So while I was running, I set up my shuffle and at about 2 miles, my id was almost getting the better of me telling me to stop and walk for a bit, a little Jay-Z came on ... "thank God for granting me this moment of clarity ..." I realize this song is probably about being a gangster and overcoming racism etc but ... it was as if God was speaking to me through my shuffle, suppressing my id and encouraging me to RUN ON! And so I did ... I overcame my mind, I overcame the 2 mile hump, and I have conquered the 3 mile mark. Thank God for granting me THAT moment of clarity.

September 23, 2008

Starting from the beginning!

Who: Julie (Mama Beal)
What: Starting my own blog
Where: at
Why: to inspire others and hold myself accountable
When: weekly or more often than weekly

So, ladies and gentlemen, since my daughter turned 1 year old, I've been exercising, trying to finally lose those last few baby pounds. After a very difficult C-section and a full 1 year recovery, now is my chance to get back in shape. So, I've been running 3-4 times a week a few miles each time. This blog is going to keep me in check and accountable for my hard work and I also hope to inspire people while documenting my thoughts and experiences I have.


~Mama Beal