September 23, 2008

Starting from the beginning!

Who: Julie (Mama Beal)
What: Starting my own blog
Where: at
Why: to inspire others and hold myself accountable
When: weekly or more often than weekly

So, ladies and gentlemen, since my daughter turned 1 year old, I've been exercising, trying to finally lose those last few baby pounds. After a very difficult C-section and a full 1 year recovery, now is my chance to get back in shape. So, I've been running 3-4 times a week a few miles each time. This blog is going to keep me in check and accountable for my hard work and I also hope to inspire people while documenting my thoughts and experiences I have.


~Mama Beal


  1. Only one post? I thought reading this would let me waste at least an hour while I'm at work.