September 30, 2008


So, it has been a few days since I've run, approximately 3 days unfortunately so I knew I had to do something today. But, it seems I have gotten sick. A few days ago I started getting dizzy intermittently but didn't think much of it. Yesterday every time I bent over, my head started throbbing and today I feel like CRAP. So, I've diagnosed myself with sinusitis (Latin for swelling of the sinuses.)

So, although I've been sick, it's been weighing on me that if I don't continue to run, I'll lose my endurance so I had to do something today. It wasn't much but, medicated and feverish, I grabbed the dog and for 10 minutes, every step I took my head pounded down the trail. That's about all I could take ... how pathetic!

Well, I'm going to put myself back into the supine position (laying on my back) and watch some more Matlock, Nash Bridges and pop some more vitamin C and Pseudafed. Ugh ... I guess I'll have to chalk this day up to a loss. Ya can't win them all.

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