October 15, 2008

Several Things

I couldn't find just one topic to blog about today, I had so many different thing swirling around in my head while I ran today so ... here it a little insite into my mind while I'm running. It might be random so if you're confused, it's alright, sometimes I confuse myself with all these swirling thoughts.

As some of you have noticed, I recently changed the backround of my blog. I found it under the 'Inspire' tab. It suits the blog perfectly since my hope is to inspire my readers.

I have gotten over the hump. I have weighted 158 lbs for the past 2 days. YEAH!!! For about the last 2 weeks I've stayed at 160 and not an ounce less but now, I've been consistantly 2 lbs lighter. As people lose weight, we tend to plateau because our bodies adapt to the exercise we do. That's why it's important to consistantly keep working out even when we feel like we aren't losing any weight. Eventually, the pounds will start to drop.

It was laundry day the other day and I needed to find some pants to wear to clinic except all the usual pants I wear to clinic were dirty so I pulled out a pair of my semi-skinny dress paints and to my suprise, they fit! EXCELLENT! It's like going shopping in your own closet.

I almost didn't go for a run today simply because I have so much on my mind so here it comes ... I have a midterm for school tomorrow, I'm starting to draft my business plan and I underestimated how long a business plan actually is (30 pages!!!), I'm meeting with a realtor tomorrow to help us sign a lease for a business space (eek, this is scary!), I should be studying for my last BOARDS exam and I've barely started yet, I get the results of my previous BOARDS exam on the 21st, Jason's birthday is today (happy birthday my jay), and the last thing on my list of things I should do is exercise. But, I went anyways and I'm glad I did.

Let's hope with all this added stress, I can keep off the weight I've lost. This will be a huge challenge because I'm definately a stress eater.

Ugh, sorry to unload but, like I said above, welcome to my whirling-swirling thoughts while I was running today. I also thought I should add a picture so here are my running shoes.
FAVORITE SONG OF THE RUN: Lucifer don of the Morning, Jay-Z
I know what you're all thinking, I'm a white girl from the 'burbs ... I gotta say, it's got a GREAT beat. :)

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  1. Wow, your head is full of goodness when you run. I try to turn mine off when I am on the move!!! Accomplished another personal best last night!!! 2 miles, on the treadmill, first mile at 13 minute mile and the second at 14 minute mile. I know it is slow and not very far, but when I started this venture I couldn't even go 7 minutes straight without stopping so 30 total I thought was pretty good!!! Thanks for the inspriation to be honest and open about our challenges with this running bit!!