September 6, 2010

It's Labor Day ...

And so far, I'm NOT laboring.  I am REALLY trying though.  I'm putting in the effort. 

Several long walks and sitting on the Yoga ball etc, and still no baby.  We went to Hudson WI the other day to see a physician for a BioPhysical exam and a Non-Stress Test for the baby.  Everything seemed to be fine and in order.  The physicians recommendations were to "just wait".  So that's exactly what we're doing.  If we haven't had the baby by next week on Monday, we will go back to Hudson for another BioPhysical and Non-Stress Test. 

As we wait, I've taken a few pictures of proof that we are ready for Baby Beal 2's arrival. 

Here's our bags, all packed and ready to go to the birthing center.  They've been packed for weeks, probably a month.  The Baby's bag is already in the car along with the baby car seat which makes our small Subaru look like a clown car.  No more of us driving our friends around, they're going to have to drive us if we go anywhere.

Here's the Yoga Ball I've been sitting/bouncing on recently.  Sometimes I have contractions and this helps to relieve some of the pain.

Presents have been bought by Abby for the new baby and even the baby bought Abby a present (but she doesn't know that yet.)

And here's the very eager big sister WAITING ... PATIENTLY for her little brother to show up.  She can't wait to meet him.  Every morning she wakes me up and gives me a hug and kiss and the next thing she does is shakes my belly and says "baby come out!"  If anything, this has given us the opportunity to show Abby what it means to be "patient".

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