November 13, 2008

Boards On The Brain

I have been absolutely TERRIBLE about working out and eating healthy this past week. BOARDS are tomorrow (dun dun DUAH!!!) and Saturday and I've been studying at least 4 hours per day for the last week, sometimes even more. Along with these study habits comes bad "stress" habits as I've explained in the past ... M&M's, Caribou Mocha's, Chips, Popcorn ... if it's quick, easy and edible, it goes in the mouth when I'm studying. Despite eating crap for the past few weeks, I'm proud to say that last week, I officially reached 155 lbs. WooHOO!!! (however, I did gain 2 pounds back over this last week, at least I those will be easy to lose after the exams are done.)

This got me thinking ... 155 ... I might actually be the weight I have stated on my drivers license. I don't think I've EVER been the stated weight on my drivers license.

See, if you don't follow, here's the deal. I have NEVER put my true weight on my drivers license. I've always knocked off at least 5-10 pounds. The way I look at it is, if I were to be kidnapped, it would be more useful for the government to have a weight on my driver's license that was the weight that I LOOKED instead of my actual weight (besides, if I'm going to show a bartender my drivers license, I don't want it to say my actual weight.) I know, I know, it's messed up to think this way but I'm sure I'm not the only one. Right? Anyone ... c'mon, there's gotta be other people who do this too!

Anyways, I had to look at my drivers license to recall what I'd put as my weight. As it turns out, the last time I changed my drivers license was when we moved into our new house and I can remember looking at that yellow slip of paper you're supposed to fill out and debating if I should put my actual or "tweeked" weight on there. I hesitated and then irritatedly put my TRUE weight as 165. At the time, I can remember how hard it was to do that but, it's kind of fun now since I weigh 10 pounds less! SWEET!!!

Well, wish me luck on my boards tomorrow. Think positive thoughts ... PRAY that I have mental clarity while taking the test.

~Mama Beal


SONG OF THE RUN: Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm


  1. TOTALLY with you on lying on a driver's license. I'm lucky now though because NY doesn't require you to put down a weight at all. :)
    Congrats on 155!! Praying for you tomorrow and Saturday, I am sure you will do great.

  2. Good luck with boards!!! I know you will do great. Will this be the end of the exams then? Then just one more semester? How cool. We are so proud of you!!!