August 21, 2010


My "due date" is slowly but quickly approaching.  I haven't really been feeling any different from last week but when I looked at the pictures from the last post, I obviously have increased in belly size.  I must be growing though because I literally have no shirts that cover my belly anymore.  On my off work days I find myself rummaging through Jason's drawers to find his few extra large T-shirts.

As the days go by, I find myself feeling more and more prepared to have this baby.  People keep asking me "do you just feel like you want to be done?"  Well yes ... but I feel like I had an epiphany the other day and the best place for an epiphany is, of course, the bathtub.  I was laying in there thinking about my decision to have this baby and do it naturally and attempt this VBAC and I suddenly knew I was ready.  I'm not just physically tired and ready to be done but I know that I am mentally prepared.  I CAN do this.

To put things into perspective as to how my pregnancy is progressing, I'm feeling round, I'm measuring about a week ahead of schedule and I'm occasionally having braxton hicks contractions.  PLUS, when I walk into a room of people who don't know me, they almost look startled as to how big I am.  (yeah, that makes a pregnant woman feel REALLY good.)  I haven't been nesting, infact, I've had to force myself to clean the house for a showing that we had.  I've even started doing dishes (against my own will) just to see if it would maybe put me into labor, kind of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" mentality.  I don't think it's working.

Anyways, to spice it up a bit, I have taken the regular picture of my growing belly but we also have received some rather large Zucchini's from our organic farm share.  I've never seen zucchini this large before.  They've got to be about the length of a full grown baby! :)

Have you ever seen a Zucchini this huge before???  It's GOT to be about the length of a baby.

Aw, Zucchini Baby.  (Weird, I know.)

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