July 5, 2010

Almost 33 weeks!

Well, I am 33 weeks now and I'm starting to feel like it physically.  My hips hurt, just about every morning when I wake up, I find myself huffing and puffing while adjusting patients during the day and naps are my best friend these days.  I don't mean to complain because besides all this, I'm healthy as a horse and so is everyone else in the Beal household.

So far, no one has looked at our house.  How annoying to clean it every night and morning before we leave and have no one to admire it.  Oh well, the news keeps saying the housing market has tanked once again because there are no longer any tax credits for purchasing houses.  Thank goodness we don't necessarily NEED to move right away.  We'll just keep cleaning and keep it on the market, maybe the right fish will come by and take a nip at it. :)

Below is a picture of my belly again.  I'm trying to get together a slide show that will show the progress of my belly.  People keep telling me how big I look these days but when I look back at my belly pictures I've taken, I don't see that drastic of a change.  I think by people telling me I look "big" what they're really saying is I look "good" for being so pregnant.

I am also trying to stay healthy and keep my uterus in good shape. Below is a picture of a type of tea that I'm using, it's a loose leaf tea called red-raspberry leaf tea.  It's helpful for all sorts of different feminine problems/conditions but it's mostly known for toning and conditioning the uterus.  Although it looks like drugs, I think it's doing it's work correctly.  I've been having lots of braxton hick's contractions so I know my uterus is strengthening itself to have this baby.  We get it at the Co-op and bag it up in a plastic baggy.  I feel a little weird leaving it out on the counter or visible in the cupboard so I hide my "stash" in a cereal box in the cabinet. :p  I don't want any potential home buyers to get the wrong impression.

One more thing that's been happening gradually is that my hair has been changing colors.  I didn't really notice it until I saw my hair in some pictures from our family trip to Hackensack MN.  It's progressively getting redder/oranger.  By the time I'd had Abby people had a hard time distinguishing my hair color from red or blond.  It seems this time around my body remembers what happened last time.  So, here's a picture for those of you who haven't seen me in a while.

Well, that's all for now.  Hope ya'll had a fantastic 4th.

~Mama Beal

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