July 23, 2009

Holy Moly Batman!!! Margaret, if you think it's been a long time since you've written anything on your blog, it's been OVER a month for me.

Alrighty well, I've obviously been busy ... but what have I been busy doing? WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK! I feel like ALL I ever am doing is working but that's a good thing! I love what I do so most of the time it's fun.

This is our 3rd month in business and we are doing considerably well for our first few months of being a new business. Each month we are reaching our goals and we are getting closer and closer to breaking even which is practically unheard of within the first year.

Last month we attended about 5 different marketing events and so our days were filled with doing mini massages and talking to people about how chiropractic can help them. So after last month's craziness Jason and I got to go on a little retreat up to Margaret and Greg's Cabin for the weekend. It was a much needed get away, I think Jason and I had both been running on empty for a bit and we've been working so hard at saving money and making money and this little vacation was one of the cheaper routs we could go. BUT on the way up to the cabin the car started having some minor problems ... such as the spedometer stopped working, all the electrical aparatus' stopped working ... we were lucky to actually drive the car all the way up to their cabin in Baxter, I'm pretty sure, we rolled right up the driveway and we weren't going to get any further.

Ugh, trying to forget the car for the rest of the weekend, we all ran a 5K for breast cancer. I've never run a 5K before and I was so excited to finally say I have run a 5K. We got ready to start by putting these chips on our shoe laces that keeps track of your time when you cross the finish line well, of all people's chips to not work, MINE did not work so I didn't even get a time. I DID finish and there were about 8 people that can prove that I was there and DID run the race but I have no idea what my time was and it's not official. Oh well.

We relaxed the rest of the weekend and it was GREAT. Fantastic food, Great company, and the choice to do Absolutely NOTHING if we wanted to.

AFter the weekend, we luckily got the car home and had to spend about $250 to fix it (so much for the cheap vacation) and Abby was REALLY crabby when we got home and were forced to put her in her very first time-out. I guess going for 2 years without a time-out is pretty good but you could tell she was distressed that we'd been gone for the whole weekend.

But, now things are back to normal. Abby's birthday went well and she loves all the presesnts she got, especially the Tricycle we gave her. When Jason brought it to her, she got up and yelled, "My bicycle!!! I'm so HAPPY Daddy, I'm so Happy!" (so sweet, how cute.)

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