April 20, 2009

Introducing Dr. Julie Beal

Here's some pictures from graduation. We are working hard to get our practice up and running by May 4th so I've been super busy but I wanted to share these pictures with those who weren't able to come to the graduation.

Keynote Speaker from U of M

Valedictorian (spelling?)

Chiropractic President Dr. Wiles

Northwestern Health Sciences University President

Auditorium and Doctors Present

Crossed the stage and got my diploma

Taking the Chiropractic Oath

Beal Family with the new Doctor

Peterson Family with the new Doctor

The man who helped me get through the whole thing. Thankyou my Jay, I love you.


  1. YYYYAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We can't wait to stop paying you in food!!!

  2. Congrats, great pictures, thanks for sharing. Now the hard work begins ha? Good luck!