January 15, 2011

"Getting to Know You"

I know I haven't "blogged" in a while but the past 4 months, I have been busy getting to know my new little guy. 

Here's some things I've learned.

Andrew looks a LOT like his older sister but personality wise, he is a very different baby. 
Abby slept through the night at 3 months.  Andrew is now 4 months and needs attention at least once a night.
At night, Andrew needs to be swaddled, Abby hated being confined.
Andrew also takes a pacifier (and is now a paci addict that we're trying to break him before 6 months).  Abby never took a pacifier.
Andrew smiles a LOT.  He's usually smiling, even if he's not happy you can usually get him to smile.
Andrew makes much more noise than Abby ever did.
Andrew likes to be held.  He'd prefer to be held at all times if it were possible. 
Since he likes to be held all the time, he LOVES his baby bjorn.  Abby never did.
Andrew does not like to cuddle.  Abby was, and still is, a cuddler.
Andrew can stick his whole hand in his mouth (wow) it's even more amazing when he sticks BOTH of his hands in his mouth, we call that a "Hand Sandwich" (har-har-har).
Andrew chews on his tongue (weird but HIL-arious.)

Here's some nick-names we use for Andrew

Drew, Drewbers (as in McDrewber), Bear, Man-Pie, Chubs, Andrewbies

Here's a video of Andrew chewing on his tongue, it's a little dark but still funny.

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