February 15, 2009

Accel and Be Well

It's been a while, I know, I know ... (sorry).

So, considering my last blog entry, it's obvious I've been sucked dry of my time, energy and yes, I was suckered into buying one of those pyramid scheme detoxes my Doc was selling. I can now say I am an "Associate" in the Isagenics Pyramid Scheme but I did NOT pay the $200 they were going to charge for this detox, I only spent $50. (Which is still a lot but anywho ... stickin' it to the man ... maybe.)

I attempted to do the detox on Saturday (key word "attempted") and UNsuccessfully finished it on ... Saturday (no, not one week later, I stopped the same day I started.) So, lesson learned and the moral of the story is, do not join pyramid scheme. Live and Learn!

Like I said in my past blog, this new internship is more about sticking up for myself and growing emotionally and mentally more than learning the trade. And this Detox thing has completely made me grow emotionally/mentally.

It was a reminder about why I want to be a health care provider.
I want to be a health care provider to HELP people. I want help people to strive to Accel in their Health as well as their every day lives.

It was a reminder as to how I do NOT want to run my practice.
I do NOT want to get into Chiropractic to make money. Of course all careers should have the benefit of making money but I believe that if you love what you do, truely believe in it and do your best, the money will just come. You shouldn't have to "work" for the money, it will come to you if you are doing right by what you believe.

It was a reminder as to what I believe in.
I truely believe every person needs chiropractic and can benefit from chiropractic. If I didn't truely believe this, I honestly wouldn't be able to promote it. I believe in HONESTY and CHIROPRACTIC.

Through all of this, I feel like I am perservering through the tests I've been put up to during this internship. But, through it all, our business plan is coming together and we are narrowing down our location of our future business. We are even finishing our website and have come up with our practice name "Accel and Be Well Chiropractic." Once the website is complete I will post a link.

Accel and Be Well
~Mama Beal

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