December 9, 2008

GOALS: revisited

Today my business partner and I had a meeting with a banker, accountant and real estate agent to help us step in the right direction for developing a business plan. The meeting was a success and we came away with tons of ideas and thoughts buzzing through our heads. After we were done with the meeting, we organized our thoughts and re-established our goals and came up with smaller, stepping-stone type goals to help us achieve the OVERALL goal of owning a business. It's a messy process so staying organized is key.

After all this, I hit the gym and continued to mull over my thoughts and I came up with the idea that accomplishing my goal to get healthy is like going through the process of setting up a business. Instead of a Chiropractic office, my HEALTH is the business. I set long term goals to achieve, such as my long term goal of losing 20 pounds. Then, in order to achieve the big goals, I set smaller goals to help me achieve the bigger goals. So, since this blog is all about holding myself accountable, I've decided to share with you one of my smaller goals for this month.

This month, my goal is to get to the gym 4 times per week until Christmas. On December 23-24, I'll let you know if I achieve this goal.

Do you have any short term goals you'd like to be held accountable for before Christmas?

SONG OF THE RUN: "Womanizer" by Brittany Spears (gotta give the girl props, it's got a good beat to run to.)


  1. You're absolutely right in your thinking. I have tried dieting a thousand times throughout my life and unttil this last attempt it never stuck because I always focused on that end goal and not on the little goals that make up that end goal. This time around little steps of "one soda a day", "no snacks after dinner", all add up to the bigger goal. Also realizing that the end goal will take 6 + months takes the pressure off of having to achieve it all in a few weeks. Good insight. Thanks for reminding us to stay focused on short term goals too and not just the end result!!